is selling Heavy Duty Brake Fluid in the name of APIBRAKO brand. This is a High performance non-petroleum Brake & clutch fluid, suitable for all Hydraulic braking syatem like disc, drum, ABS & clutches etc. (expect the system with mineral oil hydraulics) suitable for all rubber like Natural, SBR, EPDM, Silicon etc.

  • Quick response to pressure & pulses.
  • Low temperature stable, flowable upto-50`C
  • Resistant to evaporation at high temperature.
  • Resistance to the oxidation at high temperature.
  • Not deteriorate the quality by moisture absorption.
  • Non-silicon, glycol ether/polyglycol based product.
  • Possess maximum hydraulic efficiency & lubricity.
  • Minimum corrosive to all metals used in Brake system.
  • Comply international specification as per its specified standards.
  • Absorb less miosture at slow rate to maintain high vapor lock/boiling point for longer time.
  • Not de-compose and Compatible with all suitable Brake fluid based on glycol ether.
  • APIBRAKO offers the following ranges of brake fluid:

Water contents : <0.4%
Boiling point (ERBP) > 220`C
Damp boiling point (Wet ERBP) >150`C
Crimson colored transparent, free flow liquid
supersedes the specification of FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and SAEJ 1703
Most popular economical standard brake fluid product for Modern Street drivan vehicles.

Superior performance at high temperature in worst condition.
Supersedes the specification of FMVSS 116 DOT 4.
Blue colored teansparent free flow Liquid.
Damp boiling point (Wet ERBP) >160`C
Dry boiling point (ERBP) >240`C
Water contents: <0.3%

supersedes the specification of: FMVSS 116 DOT-5.1
Eliminate vapor lock and brake fade during the race
Orange coloured transpatent, free folw liquid & no foreign particle
Damp boiling point (Wet ERBP): >180 dg.C.
Dry boiling point (ERBP): >265 dg.C.
Water contents: <0.3%
Most suitable for racing Cars.

ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD. can also makes a trailer product as per customer's requirement.